ANZA collection

Meaning 'to sit at ease' in Japanese, Anza is a seating collection composed of pouffe, benches and a coffee table.
Inspired by the Japanese Zabuton style (cushion used to seat on the floor), the aim was to create a generous floating cushion, which allow for a dynamic seating.
The soft outlines, invite for a multitude of seating postures, meant to create a warm atmosphere where various scenarios can unfold.
For the launch, a very special textile called ´Tango Chirimen' has been developed with a Kyoto-based textile and silk screen manufacturer. This patchwork like pattern, originally designed in the 18th century in Japan, was updated with a new colour scale to match the official PWTBS colours.
The upholstered items are available in a selected range of textiles and base finishes including an high gloss lacquer inspired by the traditional Japanese Shikki technique and oiled oak.
To complete the seating range, a coffee table was designed with a similar base concept and a durable Carrara marble top.
Produced by PLEASE WAIT to be SEATED, this collection is part of a wider modular system, developed to cater both domestic and public environments.

Project developed in collaboration with Ryosuke Fukusada.

Find the full collection at PLEASE WAIT to be SEATED.






Photos courtesy of PWtbS
: Photos courtesy of PWtbS