BUG Collection

A group of designers from around the world have come together in this exhibition to interpret their own experiences with the bathroom. These designs showcase different cultures, different backgrounds, and tell different stories about how we will shape our “bathroom” today, and in the future.
Bug collection aims to create a deeper connection between the bathroom area and the rest of the house by revisiting furniture typologies.
We wanted to use a natural material that could co-exist with the moist atmosphere of the space. Wood was our first choice, but it requires a lot of maintenance.
Since we have been working with cork in other projects, we found it to be the perfect solution for this one in particular due to its unique properties: impermeability to liquids, thermal and acoustic insulator, hypoallergenic and soft to touch.
Our interest in creating a bridge between our cultural backgrounds gave birth to this collection. We drew inspiration from the relationship between the Japanese 'geta' flip flops and the Portuguese cork tradition and blend them with in concept of ‘avoiding the wet floor’.

Project developed in collaboration with Ryosuke Fukusada.

Special thanks to Show me design & art Gallery.







Photos | David Vidal
: Photos | David Vidal