Chim Chim scent diffuser

Learning from the flexibility of the new Cotto’s 'Patchwork' collection design by Pierro Lissoni, we developed CHIM CHIM scent diffuser.
The two elements which compose this apparently solid object, work as a box for the scent bottle, making it accessible at any time. Simultaneously, the user is invited to mix and match the 6 different materials available, having the possibility of creating 36 different combinations. The same principle of using dried flowers as a scent support known as ‘pout pourri’, was translated into solid natural surfaces like marble, red clay, Hinoki wood, porcelain, brass and aluminum.
This pieces were produce both in Japan and Portugal. We were interested in exploring the way different material and production methods affect the final design.
By leaving the surface untreated where the liquid is poured, we aim to promote the absorption of the scent into the material, complementing the fragrance with its natural aroma.
The steam, which is naturally created every time we take a shower, enhances the perfume diffusion in the space due to temperature and humidity raising.

Project developed in collaboration with Ryosuke Fukusada.

Special thanks to Show me design & art Gallery

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Photos | Ariyoshi Matsuo
: Photos | Ariyoshi Matsuo