This project focuses essentially on how the city of Milan could provide it's residents an opportunity to enjoy the city skyline and horizon by establishing low cost temporary towers in the typical Milanese Courtyards.
After having resided in Milan for almost two years I have found out that the thing I miss the most is the Horizon and being able to have an overview of my environment.
Geographically Milan is quite flat and you rarely have an overview of the city. So this 'mirantes' placed inside of the courtyard´s, allows citizens of Milan (which don´t have access to a high terrace) to have a panoramic view of the city.
Mirante is a Portuguese word meaning a high place where you have a overview of your surroundings.

The project was developed during a one week workshop under the theme 'Milan’s courtyards' promoted by SPD with Patricia Urquiola in July 2010.